COFFEED is a New York City-based, locally-sourced, charity-minded café and specialty coffee company. 

Our mission is to provide superior products at competitive prices, while keeping charitable giving at the forefront of all we do.  We roast our own coffee, bake our own pastries, and through our partnership with the Brooklyn Grange, source much of our produce from the acre-sized roof of our flagship location in Long Island City, Queens.  Each COFFEED location donates a significant percentage (up to 10%) of its gross revenue to worthy local charities.

We are driven to become one of the most charitable companies in the world and one of the most profitable as well.  Every location we open is a powerful opportunity to benefit another community, additional charities, and new customers.  We want to be known as the best place to get fantastic, locally-sourced meals and superb coffee, and as a result, to support worthy local charities.

We at COFFEED take our mission very seriously, but...not ourselves!  A palpable spirit of fun and possibility pervades the company culture - a giant stuffed bear resides on the couch at our flagship location and our CEO introduces himself as “Turtle” - no room for pretension here.




We relentlessly pursue excellence in every aspect of our business.  We serve only single-origin coffees, sourced via fair or direct trade from the finest farms in the world and expertly roasted in small batches for maximum freshness.  We source our food ingredients from only the highest-quality local purveyors.  Our master chefs and bakers prepare our menu offerings with love and attention to detail and excellence.


We roast our coffee right here in New York City.  Our food is primarily sourced from the local area, with a healthy amount grown by the Brooklyn Grange on the roof of our flagship location in Queens!!  We do our own baking and juicing in our Port Washington location's kitchen.  The charities we support are also local, serving the communities around our stores.


Our ties to the community are what motivate us every day.  A great cafe can be an informal neighborhood center - a place to study, a place to work, a place for meetings, events, and dates, a place of refuge.  We are delighted to provide safe and comfortable locations for our customers to nourish body and soul.  Making our customers/neighbors happy makes us happy to do what we do.


There's no point in having terrific products if no one can afford to enjoy them!  In an effort to control prices, we are as relentless about cost control as we are about quality.  To that end, we often buy our inputs directly from farmers, allowing us to pay them more than they might otherwise get, while saving the money that often goes to middlemen.  As a result, we can provide consumers exceptional products at reasonable prices.



A strong and vibrant ecosystem allows for great things to grow, whether at a farm in Burundi or the farm on our roof.  We pride ourselves on being conscious of the environment in all we do.  One small example - we have a state-of-the-art composter on the roof of our flagship location in Long Island City.  We use this to compost all our coffee grinds and every bit of food waste from the downstairs café.  This in turn fertilizes regrowth of produce for the future.  Our direct relationships with farmers around the world allow us to promote sustainability at every step of our products’ journeys from farm to cup or plate.


Delicious coffee and food deserve to be enjoyed without pretension!  That said, we take great joy in educating our consumers on what we are serving and how it is prepared.  This culture of education permeates every level of our organization.  Every member of the COFFEED family is required to participate in continuing education programs that delve into the intricacies of each and every product we sell.  This knowledge naturally flows from our employees to our consumers.


Great coffee and great food usually start with great ingredients, but our love for science and technology helps distinguish our products even further.  Our coffee roasting and preparation procedures are continually being refined by regular cupping, testing, and research, and the difference in the final product is easily discerned.  We deeply appreciate the art of roasting beans and preparing food, but we embrace the use of technology and data-driven analytics to yield the best products possible.



Our COFFEED team is a tight-knit group, all dedicated to the company mission.  We carefully choose team members based on their interests, knowledge, curiosity, and ability to work well with others.  We have a highly motivated family that is deeply passionate about our coffee, our food, our customers and our commitment to charity.  


We are enthusiastically committed to giving a significant percentage of our revenue to local charities that work in and around our stores.  Our current partners include: The Foundling, a non-profit that works with foster kids and other disadvantaged youths and families; City Growers, a non-profit that educates New York children about the environment; and Community Mainstreaming Associates, a non-profit that helps men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead full and fulfilling lives. The charitable component to our business connects people to COFFEED in a much deeper way than coffee, pastries, and sandwiches alone.