We are enthusiastically committed to giving a portion (3-10%) of our revenue to local non-profits that work in the communities around our stores.

Below is a partial list of our locations and charitable partners:

LIC FLAGSHIP: City Growers

City Growers educates NYC schoolchildren about urban farming, nutrition, and the environment.

Port Washington: CMA

CMA helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead meaningful, productive lives. COFFEED hires and trains CMA clients to assist in operating the Port Washington location.

LIC Landing: Hunters Point Parks Conservancy

The Hunters Point Parks Conservancy is a community group that supports and enhances the waterfront parkland in Long Island City by conservation, education, and events.

Chelsea: The NY Foundling

The NY Foundling is a 146-year old charity that works with some of New York City’s most vulnerable inhabitants, especially foster children and other disadvantaged youths and families. COFFEED hires Foundling clients to work at many of its locations.

New Leaf: NYRP & Fort Tryon Park Trust

New York Restoration Project (NYRP), NY’s only citywide conservancy, brings private resources to public spaces that lack adequate municipal support by planting trees, renovating gardens, restoring parks, and transforming open spaces throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

The Fort Tryon Park Trust promotes the restoration, preservation, and enhancement of Fort Tryon Park for the benefit and use of all New Yorkers.

Bryant Park: Bryant Park Reading Room

The Bryant Park Reading Room provides an extensive and eclectic selection of books, periodicals, and newspapers as well as programming for kids and adults. Everything is available for free, without the need for cards or identification.

TimeS Square: Samuel Waxman Cancer Foundation

The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation believes that collaboration is the most critical means to bring advances from science more rapidly. Samuel Waxman Concert Research funds innovative research to bring faster cures to patients.