We want to be part of a better world, starting in our immediate community.

Our Foundation

The COFFEED Foundation is committed to pursuing and maintaining community partnerships everywhere that we do business. Different communities have different needs and we strive to make a positive impact on those communities through productive relationships with CBOs and NGOs wherever we operate through financial and in-kind assistance.


Our Partners

  • The Foundling

    The NY Foundling is a 149-year-old charity that works with some of New York City’s most vulnerable inhabitants, especially foster children and other disadvantaged youths and families. COFFEED hires Foundling clients to work at many of its locations.

  • Hunters Point Parks Conservancy

    The Hunters Point Parks Conservancy is a community group that supports and enhances the waterfront parkland in Long Island City by conservation, education, and events.

  • City Growers

    “City Growers harnesses the wonders of nature to increase environmental and food literacy, cultivate curiosity, and provide transformative experiences for urban youth. We use urban agriculture to teach kids about where food comes from and why it matters.”

  • New York Restoration Project

    “Nature is a fundamental right of every New Yorker. NYRP partners with local communities, public agencies, and the private sector to acquire, create, maintain, and program public open spaces. We aspire to expand our footprint and impact in all five boroughs to make a safer, healthier, and happier city.”