Article: PORT WASHINGTON PATCH - "Filming in Port Washington"

Film crews have one again descended on Port Washington.

On Wednesday, Irma Avenue outside COFFEED, the popular coffee shop, was abuzz with lights and cameras. The crew was filming “Fangirl,” according to a source familiar with the independent project.

The young-adult novel, “Fangirl,” by Rainbow Rowell, tells the tale of twin teenage sisters about to enter college. One writes fan fiction about the hearth-throb Simon Snow, the other has moved on. To add to the drama, the girls are coping with a dad who suffers from manic spells, and a mom who has resurfaced after walking away from the family 10 years earlier.

On Wednesday, COFFEED closed for the filming, but that didn’t stop curious onlookers from watching.

No confirmed sighting of Meg Ryan or Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka, who are rumored to be associated with the project.