Article: GIVE ME ASTORIA - "The Inspired Word - Queens' Best Open Mic" (Excerpt)

There is an odd thing that happens in a room full of artists – a sort of energy that pulsates. A flowing of creative juices, but a flow that hangs in the air and intertwines itself between chair legs and shoelaces, passing between mic hand offs and clapping palms.


The Inspired Word is one of the best examples of this energy. When you think New York City open mics, you think dark basements in the city, bathroom walls covered in art you can’t exactly comprehend.  Your first thought isn’t Queens. Admit it. But Mike Geffner* has changed that – he’s brought The Inspired Word to his Queens hometown, and it has completely erupted.

Last night, we were lucky enough to get a chance to sponsor The Inspired Word at COFFEED LIC. Starting promptly at 7 p.m, the room was packed with more than 70 performers and audience members. Artists ready to bare their soul through their words, audience members eager to soak them up. What unraveled at The Inspired Word was a show with so much variety – so much talent – that it was completely awe-inspiring. And even better – this is exactly what happens every single week.

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*Thanks, Mike for bringing The Inspired Word to COFFEED!  We're honored to play host to "Queens' Best Open Mic Night"!!