Article: THE FIX - "The How-To: The Perfect Cup Of Iced Coffee..." (Excerpt)

 PHOTO: Ranya Barrett

PHOTO: Ranya Barrett

Nothing says summer like a refreshing iced coffee. And with six specialty locations (four live, two coming), it’s no wonder COFFEED CEO Frank Raffaele and Deputy CEO Michael Cialdella rely on their fair share of caffeine to stay fueled. We tapped them for their famous iced version, and got the story on COFFEED’s origins and why keeping it local has always been at the heart of what they do.

Raffaele and Cialdella met at New York’s Regis High School, clicking instantly, and soon discovered a mutual passion for entrepreneurial endeavors with a focus on giving back, as well as a love of all things coffee.

Raffaele, the second of six kids in a family with “restaurants in our blood,” always knew exactly what he wanted to do.

“I love the community aspect of cafés, and the idea of a social-cause company isn’t anything new, but I’ve often wondered how to do that in a way that is slightly more embedded in the business plan, so there’s an overlap between the charity and for-profit parts," says the Coney Island native. "With COFFEED, it became clear that we achieved this.” (The company donates 5-10% of its revenue to various local charities.)

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